a acryin -Mutha Tung

Lyrics and hook written and performed, track produced, engineered, Recorded, mixed and mastered by MuthaTung at Audio Anime Records, Inc. studio in Augusta, GA

Oh oh hey hey

Used to be happy 

used to be glad

I used to be angry

And oh so mad

But when you walked away today 

I never thought I’d hear me say


Now I cry

Now I cry 

I was happy so inside but baby now why

now I cry 

used to be so beautiful deep inside
Ooh wee

I’m boohooing inside

Weather is tears of joy 


Ah ships ahoy

Baby don’t you drowned in me 

I’m crying 

Yea eee yay

My eyes won’t stop watering 



Never thought I’d say no such a thang

No no ah no no way

Ooh I’m crying inside til my eyes start to 

drain some salty thing

I’m high


I’m Crying 


Both my eyes

Say both my eyes 

I’m crying I’m crying I’m crying

Right now right now 

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