Dic Lott on BitTorrent Bundles

Dic Lott is the talented lyricist from Ridge Spring, SC. His smooth voice, intellectual style and country dialect shines when either free-styling with Mutha Tung on Jazzy Soul “GODZ Plan” or flowing over EXC’s hardest Hip Hop “Big Brother Dic Lott.” Dic Lott is versatile, honest, deliberate, intelligent, smooth and humble. Dic Lott on BitTorrent Bundles is for Hip Hop heads that crave authenticity, creative lyric flow, and originality.
The bundle will include a short video of Dic Lott free-styling and Playlist 1 Big Bro 2 In Love 3 Not This Time Remix 4 Pomanz Vision 5 For What it’s Worth 6 GODZ Plan 7 EQ-Lites 8 Not This Time.