Beat Machines in the Digital Age by E.X.C.

As a Hip Hop producer, I’ve owned my fair share of equipment, from my first beat machine (a BOSS DR-220) to the TR-505, HR16, BOSS 660 and eventually the R-70. With the advent of desktop music recording, eventually I moved on to the likes of Cakewalk, Reason and Logic Pro.


One thing I always wanted to own though was an MPC. Starting with the 2500 all the way to 5000, they’ve generally been in a price range I was unwilling to deal with. So when Akai introduced the MPC Renaissance,  I was instantly interested. Finally a (relatively) lower priced MPC with the lossless digital to digital software environment I was used to using in my modern production setup.

Than came the MPC Studio. Retail around $400 with the same software as the Renaissance, this would definitely be the MPC I finally buy. With enough hardware access as far as pads and buttons, this is everything I need. The question I have now is, do I really need it?